16 MM Twin Screw Extruder with Water Bath & Pelletizer


With Modular Barrels for Optimum Flexibility

Twin screw extruder 12 and 16 mm diamter

12 MM Twin-Screw Extruder

Popular powder coating line

16MM Twin Screw Extuder Powder Coating Line

16 MM twin screw extruder with downstream units water bath and pelletizer

16 Twin Screw Extruder with Downstream Water Bath & Pelletizer

barrel with water cooling and side feeder
Barrel with Water Cooling & Side Feeder
The MicroScientific 12 mm and 16 mm Twin-Screw Extruders are designed to process regular polymers in powder or pellet forms. Available with gravimetric feeders which are modified to meet the requirement of feed rates adapted to the output of these small twin screw extruders.

  • clamshell barrel
  • up to 52 L/D length
  • standard temperature 400°C
  • screw speed 800 RPM
  • drive power 2.2 kW

  • gravimetric feeders
  • side feeders for 16 mm twins only
  • manual or fully computerized touch screen controllers


With Modular Barrels for Optimum Flexibility

26 MM twin-screw extruder with new barrel design
screw shaft and elementsModular Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders are available with clamshell barrels and our unique high tool steel barrel inserts with screw diameters of 20 and 26 mm have L/D ratios of up to 60. These extruders are suitable for laboratory, research, and small batch productions. The single elements are mounted on hexagonal shafts of screws for optimum flexibility of screw configurations.
Extruders are available with both single and twin-screw hopper feeders, vacuum pumps with multiple vent outlets on the barrel, twin-screw side feeders, liquid feeders, quick screen changers, and a multitude of screw element types and combinations.
Also available in high-output 20 mm MaxiCompounder with 11 kW drive motor and 1200 max screw RPM.

26 mm MaxiCompounder with 22 kW drive motor and 1200 max screw RPM

26MM twin screw extruder with platform
Computerized LCD touch

Optional Computerized Controller Equipped with LCD Touch Screen

26 MM Twin Screw Extruder Modular Barrel

26 MM Twin Screw Extruder Modular Barrel Section


With Co- and Counter-Rotating Twin Screw

The Scientific 26 mm Combi Co- and Counter-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruder is made with a complete modular build-up of the clamshell barrel, where each barrel section has a length of 4 D or 104 mm.

The standard twin has a drive power of 15 kW and a max screw RPM of 400 for Counter-Rotating and 800 for Co-Rotating. It has a re-designed high torque gearbox comprising of additional shaft supporting gears, and a direct drive gear pump for closed-loop forced oil lubrication and cooling.

26 MM Combi Twin Screw Extruder
26 MM barrel and screws
The screws are built up from single individual elements mounted on splined screw shafts. These standard screw components are made from high-grade tool steel which is through-hardened and nitrided. Optionally, the screw elements and barrel inserts can be made in hardened stainless steel for acid resistance or in very hard PPM steel for optimum wear resistance which may be needed when compounding ceramic materials.
gearbox switch lever
Located in the gearbox is the push-pull mechanical lever that allows easy changeover of the screws when switching directions from co-rotating to counter-rotating or vice-versa. When counter-rotating screws are used in the extrusion process, the Limit Switch will be activated and the screw direction indicator will light up on the control panel


With Modular Barrels for Optimum Flexibility

36MM TSE with optional platform

The New High Output 36 MM Twin Screw Extruder

with segmented screws on high torque splined shafts with barrel lengths of up to 60+ L/D. The maximum screw RPM is 900 for standard and 1200 for Maxi36Compounder.
Computerized touch screen
The computerized control has full visualization of all extruder parameters on the touch screen.
The modular section barrel is equipped with thick barrel lining inserts made for very high wear-resistant steel. And the screw elements are also made for very high-wear resistant steel. The screws are built up from individual element mounted on the splined hardened shafts.
Both the Standard and the Maxi36Compounder can be equipped with an induction motor or water-cooled motor drive with a high-torque gearbox having a motor-driven gear pump for closed-loop forced oil cooling system.
Heavy duty drive system, highly senstive torque Limiter
The entire barrel is covered with modular high polished stainless steel panels. This makes the cover very easy to clean. The modular panels are easy to remove with only one key lock for each unit. And with this, it is very easy and fast to get access to the barrel and to mount
additional side or top feeders.
barrel for twin screw extruder
feeder for twin screw extruder
alternate feeder for twin screw extruder


5 Sizes with Ø 12, 16, 20, 26 and 36 MM

Designed for Optimum Production Of Pharmaceutical Compounds

Built According to GMP Standards

26 MM Pharmaceutical Twin Screw Extruder

Pharmaceutical Modular 26 MM Twin Screw Extruder

Our Pharmatech Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders are made with a complete modular buildup of the clamshell barrel. The compounder is available in 12, 16, 20, and 26 mm and barrel lengths from 25 to 40 L/D and with an AC vector motor drive.

Pharmaceutical Modular 12 MM Twin Screw Extruder Line

The extruder is supplied with a stainless steel gravimetric hopper feeder type LGF 80 TS complete with hopper unit with a “spiral type” twin feed screws and a stirring arm (agitator) above the feeding screws, DC motor port.

Pharmaceutical 12 MM Twin screw extruder
twin screw extruder computer screen
twin screw extruder close up of computer screen
twin screw extruder transducer
twin screw extruder clamshell barrel
The main screen shows all extruder functions and the controls can be made in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations
The Clamshell Barrel is equipped with exchangeable barrel wear lining inserts for optimum economy and ease of replacement. These standard inserts are built to GMP standards in stainless steel with a focus on cleanliness.