bottle molding

Two- Layers Line

Our range of Bottle Molding lines produces single layer or multilayer bottles of up to 125 ml size and can produce bottle in practically all resin types that can be blown

Our new larger bottle molding attachment can produce bottles of up to 250 ml. The attachment is hydraulic with high clamping force. The co-ex 2 and 3 layer dies are made with adjustable parison thickness and they produce a very even layer thickness over the entire bottle.

automatic hydraulic bottle molding

Fully automatic hydraulic bottle blow molding attachment can be attached to our 20 and 25 mm single screw extruders.

streamlined die for optimum color dispersion

The lines used a streamlined die for optimum color dispersion. A minimum amount of purging is needed for color change over.

3 Layers line

Three Layers Line – Now also available for larger bottles