single layer film blowing

Compact Film Blowing Line with 20mm Extruder for Max 200mm Lay-flat Film.

Single layer Film blowing

Medium Size Film Blowing Line.

With many features such as twin channel air cooling ring, variable speed haul-off and nip-rolls, etc.

The film blowing attachment is connected to our single screw extruder via a C-clamp on the flange of the extruder unit. The attachment is built up on an individual self-supporting frame with lockable casters and thus can be easily removed from the extruder.

The die is mounted on the two tower aluminum pillars, adjustable in height to align with the extruder flange.

The film blowing attachment is equipped with film bubble stabilizing cage and synchronous adjustable film collapsing frames with polished teak wood or carbon roller gate rods.

Also availalbe with in-line or off-line MDO film stretching attachments.

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