with 20 MM Extruder

We Were First in the World to Produce Filter Testers

Computerized Filter Tester Types LFT34, 44 -GP with 20, 25 MM Extruder

Our filter test head with gear pump is designed specifically for easy cleaning where the melt flows in a straight line from extruder through gear pump all the way up to the filter. The filter is easily Installed and removed with our quick clamping system.

 LFT 34, 44-GO with20, 25 MM extruder

Filter Tester with Gear Pump

For accurate quality testing and standardization of master batches and compounds.

Computerized Filter Tester Type LFT57-GP with 25 MM Extruder

Gear Pump
Screen Changer
Computerized Filter Tester Type
Fully computerized version with on board large capacity PC a featuring a practical keyboard and mouse for convenience in entering all test data. This version automatically calculates the filter test value.
Fully Computerized console
fully computerizes screen
fully computerized
fully computerized screen